Andrés Durán

Andrés Durán (1974) is a visual artist whose work challenges the historical and urban landscape of his native city Santiago, Chile. Over the last decade his photography has included documenting hidden locations in the city's residential outskirts via appropriated billboards (Cartel House, 2001) and capturing inverse perspectives on advertising (Viewpoint, 2011). The common thread in both of these projects is how the use of transposition brings about a new way of looking at things that we observe daily but often pay little attention to. 


Edited Monument (2014), is a natural progression in Durán's urban exploration. In this work, he tricks and challenges our gaze by digitally transforming public sculptures within Santiago's civic quarters. Durán's viewpoint makes visible familiar but neglected historical and commemorative monuments - military figures, politicians and national heroes - by inverting their pedestal and placing it over the effigy so that only ambiguous extremities are left peeking out.  The details Durán chooses to emphasize in this covering / uncovering operation allows him to categorise the monuments into groups, hence the resulting series; seated figure, standing figure, equestrian etc. By drawing our attention to monuments of significant historical and patrimonial importance, Durán makes us aware of a forgotten era of visual representation now ignored by local citizens and only photographed by tourists. 


Andrés Durán has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Chile and abroad. He has been awarded several prizes and grants including the prestigious BECA ARTE CCU (2015), the Fondart Grant (2001, 2003, 2009 and 2012) and the The Altazor Award of the National Arts, Chile (2005). He is currently a professor of Digital Post-Production and Image Studies at Universidad ARCIS, Santiago, Chile.