Joseph Szabo

  • Summer Newsletter 18'

    A review of the past few months at Michael Hoppen Gallery June 28, 2018

    We have had a very busy few months with Photo London bringing many photography lovers to the fair and to the gallery. I was delighted to have seen so many wonderful new pieces at Photo London - especially the exhibition curated by Hans Kraus. Photography, up until only a few years ago, was a physics and chemistry process. Whilst the chemistry has almost disappeared or at least the choices photographers had have gone, the physics is still there, and now the computer and phone have also joined the range of tools available to photographers. But I still believe that the wonders of traditional process are well worth understanding in order to learn the full spectrum of how an image was or could be made...

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  • Siân Davey

    New Photographer represented March 1, 2017

    Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to announce the representation of British photographer Siân Davey. Her work will be displayed alongside photographer Joseph Szabo in an exhibition named 'UNTETHERED' // 6 April - 20 May



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  • It's only Rock n' Roll

    Rolling Stones fans: Joseph Szabo April 22, 2015

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    Below is Joseph Szabo's account of the now immortalised concert in Philadelphia, 1978...

    As the school year drew to a close, Bill Carraro and Chris Davies, two of my photography students, who also worked as editors for the yearbook, asked, “Mr.Szabo, would you like to go to a Rolling Stones concert? We have an extra ticket.” Being a lover of rock and roll, I was intrigued. But before I could even ask why, they said, “The only thing is, the concert is in Philadelphia and we need a ride to get to there.” Bill and Chris were both seniors and I knew their request was not just about driving them, but that we would share the experience as friends. After discussing it with my wife Nancy, who thought it was a good idea and a promising photo opportunity, I enthusiastically said, “Yes!”


    When we got to the JFK stadium on June 17th everything was wet and soggy from the overnight rain. The place was packed...

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