Sarah Moon

  • Photo London: 5 images to buy at Michael Hoppen

    Photo London: 5 images to buy at Michael Hoppen


    The Eye of Photography asked the galleries exhibiting at Photo London to each present five photographs to be purchased. Michael Hoppen Gallery presents a selection of prints by Sarah Moon, Sohei Nishino and Nobuyoshi Araki.

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  • The stolen glimpses of Sarah Moon

    The stolen glimpses of Sarah Moon

    Sophie de Rosée, The Telegraph, Luxury March 22, 2014

    "If you can’t hear me, you call me back; all the phones are broken," Sarah Moon says, conjuring up images of a life in Paris that, rather like her photographs, seems both glamorous and intriguing. Rarely agreeing to interviews, Moon is having a moment in the spotlight with her latest exhibition, About Colour, at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in Chelsea, London. Despite her ongoing fascination with black and white photography, the new show comprises 27 colour images of fashion, flowers and birds in a palette of crimson, greens and yellows.

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  • Sarah Moon: About Colour, Michael Hoppen Gallery, London

    Sarah Moon: About Colour, Michael Hoppen Gallery, London

    Aesthetica Magazine February 25, 2014

    About Colour follows Sarah Moon’s major exhibition last year Alchimies at Muséum National D’Histoire Naturelle, Paris. Running until 5 April at the Michael Hoppen Gallery, this show presents pieces she has never displayed to the public before. Featuring works old and new, the exhibition highlights the artist’s outstanding ability to shoot fantastical images in colour.


    Moon’s career in photography spans nearly three decades. Over this period she ha exhibited in Europe, Japan and the USA. Model turned photographer, Moon successfully captured the demise of the swinging sixties and the rise of punk through her photography. She became well known for her personalised commercial and editorial work in the fashion industry during the early 1970’s.

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    Siobhan Bohnacker, The New Yorker Online February 20, 2014

    Sarah Moon's ethereal and elegant work is usually classified as fashion photography, but her attraction to an abstract, painterly aesthetic has long pushed her most artistic work beyond the scope of a fashion shoot...

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  • Frocks and fantasy: The photographs of Sarah Moon

    Frocks and fantasy: The photographs of Sarah Moon

    The Independent October 20, 2008

    The clichés of modern fashion photography are manifold. If an overriding principle unites them all, however, then it is an unswerving belief in the power of seduction. Sex sells, or so the story goes. And perhaps for that reason, the vast majority of big-name fashion photographers today are heterosexual men, engaged in a series of encounters with young female models.

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