Jacques Henri Lartigue

  • Summer Newsletter 18'

    A review of the past few months at Michael Hoppen Gallery June 28, 2018

    We have had a very busy few months with Photo London bringing many photography lovers to the fair and to the gallery. I was delighted to have seen so many wonderful new pieces at Photo London - especially the exhibition curated by Hans Kraus. Photography, up until only a few years ago, was a physics and chemistry process. Whilst the chemistry has almost disappeared or at least the choices photographers had have gone, the physics is still there, and now the computer and phone have also joined the range of tools available to photographers. But I still believe that the wonders of traditional process are well worth understanding in order to learn the full spectrum of how an image was or could be made...

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    Photo London, Somerset House - SPECIAL FEATURE May 15, 2017

    Michael Hoppen Gallery has trawled through the collection to find images that conjure up the nostalgic idea of Britain that the Brexiteers have voted for.




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    An extract from William Boyd's article in the Guardian June 3, 2016



    A photographer who happened to catch the spirit of early 20th-century France, or a visionary who turned the snapshot into art? William Boyd celebrates the work of Lartigue

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  • MHG Newsletter

    Michael looks ahead to an exciting year for the gallery February 23, 2016

    We have been busy in Japan again and have some wonderful new work to show to you in London this year.
    We are so proud to be able to bring Solitude of Ravens to our gallery. It has been a quest of mine for the past six years to exhibit this body of work.  And now finally it is hanging in our gallery and hope you will make the journey and come to see it.

    We have found that many more museums across Europe and America are also enjoying the fruits of Japanese photographers and our belief is still that it is not only some of the most interesting work to look at and collect, but it is of such quality and so beautifully produced, it still amazes us as to why it has taken so long to be embraced.

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  • Jacques Henri Lartigue

    The master of summer time glamour & fun June 10, 2015

    Jacques Henri Lartigue (1884 – 1986, France) set out to compile a photographic record of the world around him from the age of six, creating an incredible lifelong body of photographs. Lartigue captured the joie de vivre of the world he lived in and his subject matter was rooted in the wealthy lifestyle he originated from. He recorded famous sporting events, early flying machines and fashionably dressed women of the day. His love of moving subjects, such as automobile races and tennis players, reflected his fascination with the camera and its ability to freeze unique moments in time.