Where on Earth is Sohei?

Discover Sohei Nishino's remarkable Diorama Maps
Sep 25, 2015

Artist Sohei Nishino travels the world reimagining the great cities through his camera. Sohei will spend months walking the city streets taking thousands upon thousands of photographs from vantage points throughout a city. Capturing in immense detail, the city and it's people. Finally when Sohei later returns to his studio in Japan, he will painstakingly develop hundreds of rolls of film and go about the intricate process of reimagining the city through his collages.


The result is breathtaking. Huge, dense depictions of our urban environments.


Here we invite you to explore some of the wonderful details hidden amongst his Diorama Maps and encourage you to discover others for yourself via his artist page. 


Tap the images on his page to zoom in and explore in greater detail