Bill Brandt

Zona Maco - special feature
3 - 7 FEB 2016

Bill Brandt was one of the acknowledged masters of 20th Century photography. Taken as a whole, his work constitutes one of the most varied and vivid documents of Great Britain, producing a body of photographic works that range from stark realism and social commentary to pure abstraction and surrealism. His distinctive vision emerged in London in the 1930s, and drew from his time in the Paris studio of Man Ray in 1929. His visual explorations of the society, landscape, and literature of England are indispensable to any understanding of photographic history and, arguably, to our understanding of life in Britain during the middle of the 20th century. Brandt’s crowning artistic achievement, developed primarily between 1945 and 1961, is a series of nudes that are both personal and universal, sensual and strange, collectively exemplifying the “sense of wonder” that is paramount in his photographs. A retrospective of his work was exhibited at MoMA NY in 2013.


One of the artists represented at the Michael Hoppen Gallery booth at this years Zona Maco art fair in Mexico.


Booth E205

3 - 7 FEB 2016