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  • ARAKI | Grand Diary of a Photo Maniac

    Jun 19, 2020

    'Searching a grid of mailboxes for Araki’s name in the anonymous lobby of a Tokyo apartment complex felt dangerously close to trespassing. I had been invited to meet him for the first time at this address, but the beige hallway seemed an unlikely choice for an artist who has courted controversy so flamboyantly throughout his career.'

    This week we hear Lucy Fleming-Brown's account of her first meeting with Nobuyoshi Araki, in Tokyo.


    Lucy is the gallery's resident Japanologist. She studied Japanese at Oxford University and travels regularly between London and Tokyo. Her research interests lie with post-war Japanese photography and experimental arts.


    We invite you to join us in the Viewing Room via the button below, for available works, anecdotes, and much more.



  • The Plant Kingdom of Charles Jones

    Jun 1, 2020

    'The remarkable story of the discovery of Charles Jones’s long-forgotten photographs – found in a leather trunk in the early morning at Bermondsey Market in 1981, is the stuff of art collecting legend'.


    We are delighted to offer you a summer selection of Charles Jones's remarkable gold-toned silver gelatin prints from glass plate negatives. Each piece is unique and was made by artist at the turn of the twentieth-century.



  • Sergio Larrain and Juana Gómez

    A Journey to Valparaiso May 15, 2020

    Join us for a journey to Valparaíso, Chile, where we uncover two artists with Michael Hoppen: Sergio Larrain and Juana Gómez.

    "Much of my time over the past 30 years as a collector and dealer of photography has been taken up with the hunt. I never really know what to expect, but when I am onto something I experience the same feeling as when the wheels of a plane leave the ground – great excitement, but also the apprehension of flying into the unknown". - 
    Michael Hoppen 

    Click the button below for videos, photographs from Valparaíso, works for sale, and memories of an unforgettable voyage.


    Sergio Larrain and Juana Gómez 



  • The Eye Viewing Room

    May 12, 2020

    Michael Hoppen Gallery presents master works by

    Bill Brandt, Dora Maar and Shōmei Tōmatsu in

    The Eye Viewing Room


    The Eye Viewing Room precedes the fair, Eye of the Collector, a creatively driven selling exhibition, with work from that will take guests on an intimate journey from ancient to contemporary. Set in Two Temple Place, the former estate office and private apartment of William Waldorf Astor, guests will discover works of art and design across various disciplines, presented, with the assistance of a prestigious curatorial committee, to encourage new narratives and ways of looking.


    The viewing room coincides with the previously planned date of the inaugural edition of the fair which is now scheduled to take place from 8-11 September.

    Now launched, the works for sale in the Eye Viewing Room are being presented in two distinct settings. In the Galleries Section each exhibitor has their own dedicated viewing room in which they are showcasing three carefully selected works. Works can also be viewed set against the virtual backdrop of Two Temple Place, in a format that juxtaposes contemporary, modern and ancient works to suggest new collecting pathways and dialogues.


    Michael Hoppen Gallery is presenting rare master works by Bill Brandt, Dora Maar and Shōmei Tōmatsu.





    Shomei Tomatsu

    Nagoya Smoking Prostitute, 1958
    signed and dated in pencil on the verso
    Silver gelatin print, printed 2003
    25 x 35.5 cms
  • Paris Photo New York 2020

    Michael Hoppen's Highlights May 1, 2020

    Dear Friends,


    This week we present you with our fourth Viewing Room, to close the month of April and round up our Paris Photo New York offering.


    I hope you enjoy my personal selection of highlights, which include individual works that resonate with me by Japanese photographers Katsuji Fukuda, Sohei Nishino and Iwao Yamawaki.


    Also featured are pieces by Eamonn Doyle and Tim Walker as we take you through the story of each work and the artists' influences; from material as diverse as the maps traditionally used by pilgrims to navigate holy sites to 19th century concave mirrors.


    As always I look forward to receiving your comments, queries and questions.


    Best wishes,

    Michael Hoppen


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    Paris Photo New York | Michael's highlights

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