Tokyo Lucky Hole
"Entertainment centres have an allure, a magnetism, that causes people to gravitate to them. This magnetism is at its most powerful in Kabuki-cho, located in Tokyo's Shinjuku area. People have heard Kabuki-cho likened to an enormous black hole, but few of them are aware that I'm the one who coined that term . Kabuki-cho's magnetism was created by the jumble of businesses that sprang up there in the 1980's as the new sex industry boomed, with no-panties coffee shops, peep rooms, and 'health' massage parlours with private cubicles. The attraction remained strong until the eve of 13 February 1985, when the New Amusement Business Control and improvement Act came into force.
Young women who previously would have been afraid to work at a sex business were now able to earn several thousand yen (upwards of $20) per hour for simply shedding their panties. The advent of these coffee shops prompted young amateurs to flock to sex businesses. Their presence, in turn, prompted rapid changes in the industry. The appearance of no-panties coffee shops occupies an important place in the history of Japan's sex industry
It occurred to me that Kabuki-cho is an enormous black hole the first time i visited Lucky Hole. There wasn't anything there, just a hole in a plywood partition, but it attracted customers in droves. Perhaps thats the sort of place Kabuki-cho is. There's nothing there, only an enormous amount of energy."
- Akira Suei, Tokyo, 1990
Araki: Tokyo Lucky Hole
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