Lucas Foglia

Front Country
Hard Back
Dimensions: 25 x 32.7 x 1.9

The photograph as an object has a vast and detailed history and has served many purposes across its development, the photograph as document and documentary tool being of the most prominent. It is precisely with this purpose in mind that American artist Lucas Foglia has produced his 2014 published work Front Country.


Featuring an enticingly honest opening text from farmer and former ranch hand Olan Clifford Teel and honestly mirrored in the images to follow. Front Country is a photographic account of people Foglia encountered living in the midst of a boom in mining and energy development that is transforming the American West. Travelling areas like rural Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming, some of the least populated regions of the United States, Foglia has captured portraits that emit a reciprocal trust and stunning landscapes that are personified and as emotive as the people living and depending on them. 


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Hard Back
Lucas Foglia: Front Country
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