Tim Walker

The Granny Alphabet
Hard Back
Dimensions: 27 x 20.2 x 3 cm
Tim Walker is known for his extravagantly staged and surrealist fashion photography. This charming pair of books gives us a lovely insight into the perks of growing older.
Volume 1 offers a collection of granny portraits, arranged alphabetically and accompanied by short, gently humorous verse by Kit Hesketh-Harvey
Volume 2 fashion illustrator Lawrence Mynott contributes his own A-Z of lively old ladies
'I've not been very good at growing up, but as I get older this seems to have been one of the better decisions life has made for me. To retain a child's eye when peering through the camera's viewfinder is to see the world as half magic, half horror.'

'Old age brings back this childlike clarity of vision, and so children and the elderly have an agreement, a bond, united by both a sense of being out of time and by the brilliantly reckless lack of responsibility that bookends adulthood and allows them to see things as they really are.'

 - Tim Walker