Sarah Moon

L'Effraie / The Screech Owl
Hard Back
Dimensions: 21.5 x 21.5 x 1.2 cm
Sarah Moon is significant figure in contemporary photography. Through this book we can noticeably see how her photographs evoke a great deal of emotion and sensitivity. Her surrealist inspired imagery was formed after reading fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen, in this instance - The Steadfast Tin. 
‘Passing by car one could see “The Screech Owl” this abandoned house that nobody wanted, hidden behind trees. Its name already provoked apprehension and also people said it was infected with dry rot, a mushroom that would eat it up. Some said they couldn’t stand the smell of arsenic coming from it.’ 
‘Others believe it was haunted by two sisters sharing their lives behind closed shutters.’ 
‘They were afflicted by a prolonged melancholy that even they didn't know the source of…’ 
 - Hans Christian Andersen
In addition to the photographs - encased at the end of the book, is a DVD - L'Effraie : d'après un conte d'Andersen, Le petit soldat de plomb.