Joseph Szabo

Rolling Stones Fans
Hard Back 128 pages
Publisher: Damiani
Dimensions: 23.4 x 25.3 x 1.4 cm

"When we got to the JFK stadium on June 17th everything was wet and soggy from the overnight rain. The place was packed - news reports estimated the crowd at over 90,000. The closer to we got to the stage where The Stones were playing, the denser the crowds. You don't know which way to look. That's how it was; all these fans, all these people surrounding me.


Awed, I took out my camera and started photographing. I had been capturing the lives of my highschool students in Malverne, New York since 1972 and the concert just followed that idea of seeing their lives beyond the school's walls.


I've always felt that music is a mysterious thing, in the way the sounds are put together, in what it can express. When you add the right words, it's inspirational, it's infectious. There is no doubt that The Stones music influenced my work that day. But Mick Jagger and company were not the reason why I was there. The show was on the field, among the people. You see these faces and you connect with them, you feel a certain sympathy or empathy for them.


When a photograph captures the energy of its subject, it's not because of the subject's energy alone. It's because my energy and their energy came together at the same time to capture the moment. I had to be in that moment, too. I couldn't be objective and separated. I had to be part of the whole experience, the music and the mood." - Joseph Szabo

Hard Back
Joseph Szabo: Rolling Stones Fans
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