Ishiuchi Miyako

'Frida by Ishiuchi'
Hard Back
Publisher: RM
Dimensions: 29 x 21.7 x 1.7 cm

There is no self deception in these images. The photographs clearly express the person who inhabited the space, who wore the clothing, who treasured the objects. Ishiuchi does not portray the object for the sake of the object, beauty for the sake of beauty per ce, anguish for the sake of anguish alone, but rather recovers the sensations that the objects and clothing generated in the person who used or wore them. The small details bear witness to experiences and emotions. They bear the scars of feelings and Ishiuchi lets them speak.


It is curious that Ishiuchi has studied textile design. She is familiar with the forms, structures, colors, and fibers that her lens focuses on. She understands everything involved in the production of fabrics and the different feelings produced by sight and touch. To move and awaken emotions in the viewer: this is what the Japanese photographer succeeds in doing through the textiles and pieces of clothing she photographs, which end up being so much more than simply that.


Ishiuchi MIyako shows in her photographs taken in the Blue House in Coyoacán that every piece of clothing and every accessory contributed to configuring a complex being who succeeded in reconstructing and recreating out of her own broken body a unique personality: Frida Kahlo. That is what Ishiuchi portrays.


 - Hilda Trujillo, Director of the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera-Anahuacali Museums