Terry Richardson

Feared by Men, Desired by Women
Harland Miller
Hard Back
Publisher: Guiding Light
Dimensions: 33.6 X 24 X 0.9
"These series of nudes were shot on Terry's Tommy Hilfiger star-spangled bedspread. The opposite of hope-and-glory themes are acted out by the models - or perhaps its as though the very act of expressing something classical has been botched in the attempt or miss framed. A particular hang to the body, a hand on the hip, the tilt of a chin. Although clearly abandoned, certain model attitudes prevail and make you think of designer clothing. The sudden realisation of its absence lends an illicit quality, recalling as it does the ghost of clothing in much the same way as the wristwatch on a man at the nudist camp suggests the business suit. 
 Like Terry's nudist colony images, the result is a series of un-manufactured images, by turns startling, sexy, intimate, barely present, flesh-and-blood moments. There is also a sense of continuity in the images, You can almost imagine the girls getting off the bed and you can practically hear the bed creak as they get up, not ethereally floating but slouching off after the shoot in sweats and trainers. All of these intimate hypotheses are somehow enticingly intimate to me, more so than their bare flesh. 
Having asked myself the un-rhetorical question, 'What is it I'm looking at?'  and being somebody who's seen heaven and hell in a second-hand Wendy house, my view of the work comes through an echo of my own experience, which in turn has been powerfully evoked in the raw intimacy of these images."
- Harland Miller 
Hard Back
Terry Richardson: Feared by Men, Desired by Women
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