Desirée Dolron

Hard Back 160 pages
Publisher: Terra Lannoo
Dimensions: 25.5 x 33 cm

Desirée Dolron (Dutch, b. 1963) is a unique and versatile artist. Her oeuvre ranges from documentary images and still lives to portraiture and architectural photography. While she chooses to adopt different photographic approaches depending on the body of work, her astonishingly technical application always results in a timeless, and almost painterly quality. Dolron’s acute vision meshes traditional reportage photography and subtle computer enhancement to create a richer version of a photographic genre. The stillness and subtlety that is evoked by her street scenes, portraits and interiors has created a 21st Century vision at odds with traditional photographic practice.


Text by Charlotte Cotton and Wim van Sinderen


This book is from a sold out edition of 1,000. Still wrapped in its original wrap. A jewell in the crown for any photobook collection.



Hard Back
Desirée Dolron
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