Hard Back, Slip case
Publisher: Rat Hole Gallery, Tokyo
Dimensions: 26.5 x 26.5 x 2 cm

Our copy is used. A gallery copy for many years. Still in good condition with some minor scratches and scuffs.


Masahisa Fukase is renowned for his obsessive, intense and deeply introspective photographs with which he attempted to describe his passionate and sometimes violent life. The different bodies of work he produced are extraordinary for how disparate they are visually. A truly conceptual artist he altered the language of his work to suit the different narratives he created. Perhaps the most widely recognised of his projects is The Solitude of Ravens, which he created over a period of ten years following the breakdown of his second marriage.  Stark and monochrome, the ravens become a symbol of lost love and unendurable heartbreak, and are deeply autobiographical, with Fukase himself as the real subtext. 


Considered one of the great photo books of all time. A must have for any serious collector.


We have only one copy for sale.