Guy Bourdin

A Message for You
Nicolle Meyer
Hard Back
Dimensions: 30.5 x 25.3 x 3

With the realm of fashion being long assisted by the photographic medium, there are few artists that succeed in constructing the theatrically surreal fashion images produced by Guy Bourdin throughout his career. A Message For You displays a timeline of Bourdin’s work and success, paying particular attention to his use of simple yet innovative techniques and intricate visual language of colour and composition. A perfectionist and visionary, Bourdin continually pushed photographic boundaries, drawing on the experience and provocation of the voyeur, composing his own narratives that are not necessarily easily decipherable but provide an anticipation that captures his audience. 


Curated and written by Nicolle Meyer, A Message For You sheds a welcome light on both the technical and personal aspects of working Guy Bourdin. His close collaborator between 1977 and 1980, it is this warm and working partnership between Meyer and Bourdin that ultimately produced the vast and varied portfolio presented in this revisited publication. 

Hard Back
Guy Bourdin: A Message for You
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