Harry Gruyaert

Irish Summers
Roger Szmulewicz, 2020
Paper back 103 pages
Publisher: Fifty One
Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 1 cm

Irish Summers brings together a selection of photographs by Harry Gruyaert made on his trips to Ireland between 1983 and 1984. While some of these photographs are included in a number of Gruyaert’s previous projects and books, this is the first time that they are presented as a series - which was published to accompany the exhibition of the same title at Galerie Fifty One in September 2020.


The guy from Flanders that I am and the guy from Flanders that Harry is and always will be - despite his universal relevance and deeply singular approach to his subjects, no matter how diverse they may be - unmistakably feel related to these Irish summers. The depicted '80s are carved into our systems, and the sensibility and honesty of his observations echo in memories of my Flemish childhood. And possibly in his?


- Roger Szmulewicz 

Paper back
Harry Gruyaert: Irish Summers
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