Kishin Shinoyama

  • Shashin: are-bure-boke

    14 Sep - 16 Nov 2018
    An exhibition of Japanese photographic masters
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  • NUDE, Group show

    2 Nov - 22 Dec 2017
    A group show of photographic Nudes including some of the masters of the medium.
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  • Aipad, Photo Fair

    16 - 18 Apr 2015
    Art Fair, New York, London, Art, April, Contemporary
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  • Kishin Shinoyama, NUDE

    14 Jan - 20 Feb 2010
    Still hard at work well into his late 70s, Japanese photographer Kishin Shinoyama's images have lost none of the potency that would make his 1960's nude studies so revered and sensationalized in equal measure. Michael Hoppen Contemporary is pleased to announce the first exhibition of his work in the UK, which will focus on his most iconic series- Birth, Twin, Death Valley, Brown Lilly and Phantom, as well as studies of a dancer, also from the 1960s. Shinoyama was born in Tokyo in 1940 and at the age of three...
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