Solo show at V&A opens soon 21 September, 2019 - 8 March, 2020

    Tim Walker's solo show at London's V&A museum opens 21 September.





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  • Summer Newsletter 19'

    A look ahead at Michael Hoppen Gallery's programme Aug 30th, 2019

    The world of photography continues its march with even more images being uploaded, printed, emailed and looked at than ever before. Whilst this huge quantity of imagery vies for our attention on the many platforms we are now expected to look at daily, it is the true artists amongst us that win our undivided attention every time. Whether it is the visceral and extraordinary work that Paolo Pellegrin continues to make, or the highly creative exuberance that comes from the wonderful Tim Walker, it is clear that it is still photography which remains perfectly placed to react, record and embed images in our in our 21st century techno-culture.


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  • Let us tell you a story...

    Mochizuki Masao Jul 23, 2019

    In 1975, Mochizuki Masao stopped watching television, and began using his camera to observe and document the programmes broadcast daily to hundreds of thousands of Japanese homes. This self-conscious interruption of the transmission from screen to audience, in which Mochizuki mediated the television’s stream of images through his camera, articulates an early encounter with mass media which has become integral to our collective experience of the last half century...

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  • Let us tell you a story...

    Elemérné Marsovszky

    Perhaps better described as collisions rather than compositions, Elemérné Marsovszky’s photo-collages present a world cast from the fragments of an industrial age, picking up speed in the 20th Century. Mechanical offcuts and disembodied limbs are blended in dramatic combination, with a characteristic emphasis on boldly graphic design and humorous juxtaposition. Marsovszky appropriates skyscrapers, clocks, telephones and tunnels to construct a visual vernacular...

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