Summer Newsletter '18

A review of the past few months at Michael Hoppen Gallery

We have had a very busy few months with Photo London bringing many photography lovers to the fair and to the gallery. I was delighted to have seen so many wonderful new pieces at Photo London - especially the exhibition curated by Hans Kraus. Photography, up until only a few years ago, was a physics and chemistry process. Whilst the chemistry has almost disappeared or at least the choices photographers had have gone, the physics is still there, and now the computer and phone have also joined the range of tools available to photographers. But I still believe that the wonders of traditional process are well worth understanding in order to learn the full spectrum of how an image was or could be made. Process enhances the work in may ways and the process of ‘making’ a photograph is very different to that of ‘taking' a photograph. 19th century photography as well as early 20th century photography is where one can find the most concentrated efforts to employ process and the new V&A photography galleries will showcase many different and not often see works that will illustrate this in spades. The current abstract photography show at Tate Modern demonstrates how process was used to create and enhance incredible photographic images. The Christian Schad work are great examples of the perfect marriage of process and chance.

I hope that you enjoy the summer months and we very much look forward to welcoming you again to the gallery and to the two fairs we will be participating in later this year - Frieze Masters and then Paris Photo. 

 - Michael Hoppen

June 28, 2018
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