Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to announce that Sohei Nishino is the winner of this years Mast Foundation grant for Photography. The award supports research on the image of industry and work, giving voice to new generations of artists.


Established a few years ago, when the MAST Foundation's identity was taking shape, the award supports research on the image of industry and work, giving voice to new generations of artists. Through the promotion and acquisition of the participants' works, over time, the contest has contributed to the creation of a collection of contemporary visions that are now fully integrated into the MAST Foundation’s cultural offer, enriching it with the new, original, never-before-seen visions of young photographers from all over the world. 

Urs Stahel, curator of the MAST PhotoGallery and the exhibition, explains the objectives of the award: “To show the essential, to emphasize structural aspects, to capture abstract knowledge and the essence of human behavior in images - to research, investigate, develop and produce - to provide a photographic representation that makes the informative and emotional aspects, the concrete data and the meaning, the descriptive and the metaphorical plane possible and accessible: this is the great task of young photographers today. And it is this task that the MAST Foundation for Photography Grant intends to support.” Mari Bastashevsky, Sarah Cwynar, Sohei Nishino and Cristóbal Olivares are the four young photographers, selected from a list of 35 candidates from all over the world, who have developed original and never-before-published projects for the MAST Foundation. The results are works that are very different from one another but connected through the extreme relevance of the themes tackled and the numerous chosen means of representation.



Exhibition on view at MAST Museum, 

January 31 - May 1, 2018 

Via Speranza 42, Bologna 

Opening times 
Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00am – 7:00pm