Yoshihiko Ueda

Invariably I see photos as holding a mirror up to myself. My own thoughts, ideas, ambitions, feelings of all sorts become part of the picture.

- Yoshihiko Ueda

Yoshihiko Ueda was born in Hyogo, 1957.  After graduating  from the Visual Arts College, Osaka, he studied under Masanobu Fukuda in 1980 and Taiji Arita in 1981, and started on a freelance basis from 1982.


Traversing the spectrum of photographic categories, from landscapes to nature, portraiture and still life, Ueda’s work is laden with mysterious and often abstracted subjects, small gestures of ambiguity underpinned by a continued aim of the ‘persuit of the whole.’ This pursuit has a deep significance within Ueda’s oeuvre; it intimates his search for the ‘whole’ body and its environment, its very essence and energy. As much as his practice resists compartmentalisation, what is evident is this very process of tracing and topography, of navigating the terrains and forms of bodies and their environment.


“I have no interest in landscape photography that has been taken based on a preconveived notion of the word ‘landscape.’  There must be a rediscovery born out of a personal relationship between that person and nature.” Ueda


Recognitions for Ueda’s achievements includethe Tokyo Art Director’s Club Grand Prize, the New York Art Director’s Club Photography award, the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival Silver Lion for Graphic Design, the Asahi Advertising award, the Photographic Society of Japan Lifetime Achievement award and many others.