7-18 MARCH, 2018

Made In Dublin is an immersive installation, in sound and vision, constructed as an infinitely unravelling coil of events played out by the movement of people caught up in time and place. And that place is Dublin.


Built around Doyle’s photography, with drawings and sound by Sweeney and Donohoe, Made in Dublin is a choreography of the city itself, its fabric, populations and light, its body and its psyche — their combined forces continuously shaping and wearing away at the autonomy of the other. Like needles on a record, individual journeys are compacted repetitively into the same streets.


Fragmented, labyrinthine, braced against the light, as if the frames from many consecutive films had cut loose from their spools… yet all now together, flickering forward in their own time, Made In Dublin reveals a city whose concrete is as plastic as the movement of its inhabitants.




7-18 March, 2018


Created by Eamonn Doyle, Niall Sweeney, David Donohoe.