Day Drawing - Behind the scenes
Apr 20, 2016

We are delighted to offer a series of works by artist Sohei Nishino, 'Day Drawings'. Famous for his large photo collages of cities, Nishino's work is found in some of the worlds most prestigious art collections.


Here Sohei reveals how he makes these beautiful 'Day Drawings'...


"Since 2014, I have been recording my movement with GPS. For the 'Day Drawing' series I trace over the GPS line I have recorded that day, then punch holes in the paper with a pin following that line. After that, I bring the paper into the dark room and expose light from the backside of the paper and photograph the light which is coming through the holes in the paper. By observing the earth and myself from the GPS data, which is a very objective and  transcendent point of view, just as God in ancient times, I try to visualise my physical act as a single line.


Each of these tiny lights flicker across the photograph reflects every moment of my movement and the accumulation of my steps in one day. By visualising and abstracting my movement as single line, these lines signify my act of drawing on the earth."


- Sohei Nishino