Giles Revell

Insect Tectonics
Emma Gieben-Gamal and Andrea Wulf
Hard Back
Dimensions: 27.4 x 21.4 x 1 cm
Giles Revell's inspiration derived from fine art and conceptualism. His work is a continuing study of the variation in which photographic images can represent texture, form and surface in a simplistic manner.
Insect Tectonics exhibits a striking series of black and white photographs of British insects, achieved by a combination of an electron microscope, digital software, and cutting edge ink jet printing.
'For what appears to be a faithful and authentic photographic reproduction of an insect is in actual fact the result of aesthetic digital manipulation. The insects become abstracted shells of their former selves. This metamorphosis of creatures that usually irritate or disgust, into objects of art and intrigue, challenges us to find beauty in unexpected places.'
 - Emma Gieben-Gamal and Andrea Wulf
Hard Back
Giles Revell: Insect Tectonics
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