Horacio Coppola

Amanda Hopkinson
Hard Back 34 pages
Dimensions: 27.7 x 22 x 1 cm
Horacio Coppola is one of the last great avant-garde artists from the 20's and 30's not to have received the recognition he so justly deserves. This has been due to his reluctance to allow his work to be exhibited and sold outside his native Argentina, apart from a small collection in the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.
He was known to photograph nocturnal shots of his native Buenos Aires, as well as his Bauhaus-influenced images of everyday objects, such as intricately coiled balls of twine. He has worked primarily in black and white, and his photography acutely portrays a sense of time and place. 
‘…Every so often he would be drawn indoors, fascinated by some architectural peculiarity or the way in which light filtered down a spiral staircase for example. Coppola’s eye for detail, which expressed the whole, is second to none.’ 
  - Amanda Hopkinson
Hard Back
Horacio Coppola
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