David Parker

Myth & Landscape
Marina Warner & Ibrahim al-Koni
Hard Back
Publisher: Kehrer
Dimensions: 23 x 32.3 x 1.8 cm
David Parker's inspiration derives from geological landforms.
Myth and Landscape is a combination of images from two projects, Sirens and New Desert Myths.
‘Natural arches, for example, become bridges between worlds, thresholds of transition. Solitary sea-stacks become sirens awaiting the unwary seafarer. Caves become entrances into the labyrinth or the abodes of oracles. The Earth’s geology was and is therefore a mythogenic zone which the human psyche is able to embrace in ways that are metaphoric and symbolic. Philosophically, these are of course large subjects and well beyond the scope of a single artform such as photography to convey, my personal aesthetic remit is to still the mind of the spectator into simple fascination of the world.’ 
 - David Parker 
[Each book of this edition is signed by David Parker]
Hard Back
David Parker: Myth & Landscape
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