Polly Borland

Polly Borland, Will Self, Nick Save, 2008
Hardback 100 pages
Publisher: Other Criteria
ISBN: 978-1-904212-23-2
Dimensions: 31 x 30 cm
Wrapped in a set of tights, the only way into this extremely rare book is to rip them off. This rare special edition book comes with a poem by Nick Cave, a short story by Will self and a limited edition print signed by the artist.
Strange and beguiling, ‘Bunny’ documents Polly Borland’s photographs of a real-life giant woman called Gwen. The book takes the viewer through an assemblage of images which explore femininity and deconstruct the idea of the Playboy bunny girl. In today’s world, peppered with cynicism and scepticism, ‘Bunny’ offers us a chance to believe again in fairytale horses, bunny rabbits, and giants.

To accompany the photographs, ‘Bunny’ also includes a seductive short poem by Nick Cave, and an eccentric modern fairytale by Will Self. Reminiscent of Lewis Carroll, these pieces reflect the delicate, bewitching narratives found in Borland’s images, where childlike innocence sits hand in paw with stark sexuality and the ethereal: “Well now, the bunny was a silly thing and not quite right. She had pink fur and her muzzle was sort of bulgy and cartoonish.”
Polly Borland: Bunny (RARE SPECIAL EDITION)
£ 275.00