Tim Walker

Wonderful People
Foreword by Robin Muir, 2019
Softback, catalogue 50 pages
Publisher: Michael Hoppen Gallery
Dimensions: 32 x 25 cm
Tim Walker's photographs are nostalgic for an era of innocence and exuberance; youthful imagination and a uniquely British aesthetic. At once modern yet familiar, his world is reminiscent of a childhood spent dressing up in ancient couture, dragging family heirlooms down to the bottom of the garden to furnish tree-lined ballrooms. These memories are retold with a sublimely reminiscent matured eye for drama and intrigue. Tim painstakingly stages each picture in camera, which reinforces the home-spun magic and texture shown in each image.
Tim Walker's combination of ambition, aptitude, perseverance and industry has convinced most of those who take seriously the business and the art of fashion photography that he is a figure of great consequence; and in the modern history of the discipline, one of its most significant contributors.
- Robert Muir
Softback, catalogue
Tim Walker: Wonderful People
£ 15.00