Peter Beard

Limited Art Edition
Beard, Peter; Beard, Nejma; Edwards, Owen; Aronson, Steven M.L., 2006
Hardcover 616 pages
Publisher: TASCHEN
Dimensions: 55 x 39 x 10 cm

The most poignant are the ones of decomposing elephants where, over time, as they disintegrate, the bones form magnificent sculpture-sculpture which is not just abstract form but has all the memory traces of life, despair and futility. 


- Francis Bacon on Peter Beard's photographs


This enormous leather-bound opus presents Peter Beard’s life and work in Kenya in all its passion, adventure, and its forthright account of ecological crisis. It includes his expansive collages, reproduced as a group for the first time, as well as smaller-scale work and revelatory spreads from his diaries, magnified to show every detail of Beard’s meticulous script and drawings, as well as stones, bones, and other ephemera pasted into its pages.

Spilling out over the pages of this massive tome, Peter Beard's collages are reproduced as a group for the first time at the size they have always meant to be seen, some as fold-outs. Hundreds of smaller-scale works and diaries fill the remaining spreads-magnified to show every detail, from Beard's meticulous handwriting and old-master-inspired drawings to stones and bones and bits of animals pasted to the page.


Edition comes with a specially made wood book stand and clamshell box


This book is copy no. 959 from a sold out edition of 2,250 signed copies


Book in good condition with signs of use

Clamshell box in fine condition with few scuff marks 


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Peter Beard: Limited Art Edition
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