Hiroshi Hamaya

  • Hiroshi Hamaya | A Studio Visit

    April 8, 2020

    Dear Friends, 

    Visiting a photographer's ‘inner-temple’, better known as their darkroom or archive, has always been a privilege. If one is fortunate enough to be invited in, one gains insight into the mind of the photographer – the outtakes, working contact sheets, good prints against less good prints, and the stories! All the ephemera that surrounds this profession has always been a passion of mine, and sharing this experience with you has brought back many fond and also exciting memories of my first visit to Hiroshi Hamaya’s home and archive in Japan."


    Welcome to our second Viewing Room where you can discover and enjoy a selection of the works that we had gathered for the postponed edition of Paris Photo New York. Our presentation was focused on a group of rare and important vintage Japanese prints, including Hiroshi Hamaya, as well as new work by gallery artists. 

    On the VIEWING ROOM link below, you can find links to both our entire booth selection and the second instalment of our series which explores the world of photography from a more personal perspective. This week I have focussed on my visit to the Hiroshi Hamaya Archive. 

    I do hope that you enjoy this second iteration of the Michael Hoppen Gallery Viewing Room. I would be delighted to hear your feedback so that we can refine this series and make it even better! 

    We very much look forward to hearing from you, 
    Michael Hoppen

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    We have been busy in Japan again and have some wonderful new work to show to you in London this year.
    We are so proud to be able to bring Solitude of Ravens to our gallery. It has been a quest of mine for the past six years to exhibit this body of work.  And now finally it is hanging in our gallery and hope you will make the journey and come to see it.

    We have found that many more museums across Europe and America are also enjoying the fruits of Japanese photographers and our belief is still that it is not only some of the most interesting work to look at and collect, but it is of such quality and so beautifully produced, it still amazes us as to why it has taken so long to be embraced.

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    Western collectors’ newfound curiosity about the Provoke artists follows a concerted campaign by a handful of players that demonstrates both how changing tastes alter markets, and how markets can change tastes. 


    [article written by Noelle Bodick]

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