21 Jun - 1 Aug 2016

In this online exhibition we take a plunge into the vernacular and bring you some beautiful images of people 'Passing Time'. All images on display are available to buy online exclusively via our website.

These images explore life at leisure. From the thrills of high diving and swimming for oysters to moody scenes in bars and anonymous signers of the blues. Very little is known about each photograph and even the photographers themselves are often unknown. With the exact detail and context being elusive, one of the attractions of these images often lies in the projection of your own stories upon the characters captured.


Whilst we appreciate and champion the great names of photography, the anonymous picture, sometimes referred to as the 'snap-shot' or vernacular, is a part of photography that has gained tremendous attraction over the past 10 years, and many collectors find this area more stimulating as it carries none of the baggage that collecting names can include.