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  • Kati Horna | A Lifetime's Work, Online Exhibition

    30 Nov 2021 - 7 Jan 2022
    The Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to present an online exhibition which delves into the fascinating world of Kati Horna (1912-2000), one of most intriguing photographers of the 20th century. Photography enables one to show, liberate and develop ones sensibility. […] At the moment of pressing the shutter you had to keep the image - let your emotion, discovery and visual surprise flow - the moment had to be...
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  • A display of works , by Albarrán Cabrera - ONLINE VIEWING ROOM

    16 Jun - 30 Jul 2021
    The Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to present an online viewing room of works by Albarrán Cabrera, having recently announced that we will now be representing these artists in the UK. Photographers Anna Cabrera (b. 1969, Sevilla) and Angel Albarrán (b. 1969, Barcelona) formed their creative partnership in 1996. This fruitful and enduring collaboration is founded on a shared fascination with photographic printmaking, and the diverse range of processes and...
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  • Edward Quinn's Dublin, 1963, Online Exhibition

    15 Jun - 15 Jul 2021
    The Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to present an o nline exhibition of vintage pictures of Dublin by Irish photographer, Edward Quinn, which have never been shown together in the UK. Edward Quinn is best known for capturing the lives of celebrities on the Côte d’Azur during the 1950s and 60s and for recording the enduring friendship with Picasso that enabled him to record the artist at work and play...
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  • Introducing, Abigail Reynolds - Online Exhibition

    19 Mar - 11 Apr 2021
    Michael Hoppen Gallery is excited to launch a multifold series of exhibitions with artist Abigail Reynolds in the year that she is included in the British Art Show 9, the landmark touring exhibition widely recognised as the most important recurrent exhibition of contemporary art produced in the UK. Every five years the exhibition brings the most innovative and exciting contemporary art produced in this UK. The gallery is delighted to...
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  • Online Exhibition , The beauty in our fragile eco-system

    18 Nov 2020 - 10 Jan 2021
    Paolo Pellegrin has travelled to some of the Earth’s harshest and most extreme environments, to bring back photographs which speak to a profound communality of human experience. As a member of the Magnum agency, Pellegrin works within a tradition of photography which transcends easy definition as documentary or expression. Instead, he has described his attitude towards his practice as ‘mak[ing] the specific coincide with the universal, [so that] the photograph...
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    6 Feb - 25 Apr 2020
    Since 2003 Sohei Nishino has been making large-scale photo collages of the world’s cities. He spends months walking their streets and compiling hundreds of rolls of film. Once back in his studio in Tokyo he assembles them into re-imagined Diorama Maps. These maps have been exhibited globally and are housed in prestigious collections worldwide. Nishino’s Day Drawings are an extension of the Diorama Map series. The delicate white lines that...
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    4 Apr - 31 Jul 2019
    'When I see something that really strikes a chord emotionally within me, I’m not really thinking of that when I’m photographing it. I’m just saying to myself, I have an understanding of this, I can’t put it into words, but I feel that I have some kind of understanding”. – Joseph Szabo Joseph Szabo’s work not only tells a story of adolescence, it’s a marker of the photographer's profound empathy...
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    17 Jul - 31 Aug 2018
    A swamp is an ever-changing orchestra of life. The form of the swamplands changes yearly with the inundation of flood waters. An island that was here this year is gone the next. Some months the air is feverish and laden with insects and others it is as crisp as a Granny Smith apple and the waters are covered with ice crystals. No matter the relentless changes, in the Okavango Delta...
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    17 May - 17 Jun 2018
    To accompany his exhibition 'The Fun Archaeology' Thomas Mailaender has made a group of 9 small lava pieces included in a concurrent online show of the same title. Just like his other - larger - lava pieces, the source of images used in these works is the artist's Fun Archive: a collection of absurd, amateur photographs he started amassing from the internet in 2000. The images are then applied onto...
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  • CARTES POSTALES, Jan Dziackowski

    11 Apr - 20 May 2017
    Perhaps best known as a painter and photographer, a significant part of Jan Dziaczkowski's practise centred around collage. Born in Warsaw, Poland in 1983, Jan started creating decoupage compositions from magazines from a very early age, working alongside his father. From then on he systematically collected clippings and photographs, creating a vast pictorial repository. Jan made the collages in a traditional manner, using scissors, razor blades and glue, working mostly...
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  • Eugenia Martinez, ONLINE

    3 - 23 Dec 2016
    Eugenia Martinez has in recent years been interested specifically in painting and photography. Working with mexican portraits from the past, her work reflects the social cleavage between the public discourse of the different Mexican groups and their true thoughts. Selected areas of the piece are surrounded repeatedly and obssesively by words, creating an impenetrable halo of prejudice. Martinez creates exact and meticulous handwriting, words are written in different shades of...
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    29 Nov 2016 - 2 Jan 2017
    To accompany her exhibition 'Measuring Infinity' Chloe Sells has made a group of 25 hand painted contact prints to be included in a concurrent online show of the same title. Each of the images is taken in the same Makgadikgadi Salt Pan in Botswana and is then worked over by hand with abstract drawings in various inks and paints, creating jewel-like studies for the larger embellished pieces included in the...
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    25 Oct - 26 Nov 2016
    In parallel with our current exhibition '? The image as question: an exhibition of evidential photography', we are presenting here a selection of crime related pictures including a series of photocards from the American police archive. Pictures such as these are known as mug-shots. Alphonse Bertillon, the grandfather of forensics, introduced this system into police practice. Details such a scars, tattoos and any other distinguishing marks would often be included...
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  • PUNK

    20 Jul - 26 Aug 2016
    The Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to present PUNK, an exhibition of vintage press prints that document the rise of punk culture in 1970s Britain. Many of the prints included are suitably distressed, with an object quality and intensity that encapsulates the movement. The gallery was established twenty-four years ago on the Kings Road in Chelsea, an area that just over a decade earlier formed the epicentre of punk culture....
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    21 Jun - 1 Aug 2016
    These images explore life at leisure. From the thrills of high diving and swimming for oysters to moody scenes in bars and anonymous signers of the blues. Very little is known about each photograph and even the photographers themselves are often unknown. With the exact detail and context being elusive, one of the attractions of these images often lies in the projection of your own stories upon the characters captured....
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  • Sammy Slabbinck, ONLINE

    1 Dec 2015 - 9 Jan 2016
    Sammy Slabbinck (born 1977, Belgium) creates dynamic surrealist contemporary collage reminisent of the great Jacques Prévert. Found magazine images are decontextualized and re-appropriated as Slabbinck plays with scale and juxtaposition. The context is often mid-Atlantic and mid-twentieth century and the images pay homage to the genius of the great 70's powerhouse of brain food that was Hipgnosis. Using humour as a visual tool Slabbinck choreographs compositions, meditating on the absurdity...
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    23 Jun - 25 Sep 2015
    This online exhibition features a wide selection of spectacular first edition photogravures by Karl Blossfeldt who practiced as a photographer, sculptor and a design teacher in the 1920’s. Experienced and new collectors will have a unique opportunity to own this legendary artist's work. Photogravures are priced from £200 + vat each. Whether you are interested in the beauty of natural structures or simply revel in great design, these...
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  • Rolling Stones Fans, Online Exhibition

    14 Apr - 21 Jun 2015
    In 1978 as the school year drew to a close, Bill Carraro and Chris Davies, two of my photography students, who also worked as editors for the yearbook, asked, “Mr.Szabo, would you like to go to a Rolling Stones concert? We have an extra ticket.” Being a lover of rock and roll, I was intrigued. But before I could even ask why, they said, “The only thing is, the concert...
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  • Matt Henry, ONLINE Exhibition

    23 Feb - 21 Apr 2015
    'My personal practice focuses on America during the 1960s and 1970s. The works take the form of staged scenes constructed as set-builds in the UK using props sourced from here and the United States. The devout modernism of this period is a particular interest, with utopian political and cultural ideals heralding some of the great liberal successes of our time (the Civil Rights, feminist, anti-war and Free Speech movements). My...
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