NUDE: Group show

2 Nov - 22 Dec 2017

The nude has drawn artists from all disciplines to its door. From photography to painting to sculpture, the nude has been an enduring subject that still has a significant place in the canon of art history. Photography can challenge ones perecption of what the ’nude’ can be. Great artists such as Bill Brandt found new and inventive ways to photograph the female form using heightened printing techniques and wide fish-eye lenses. Edward Weston’s dancers legs show the exquisite precision of his keen eye, and Edouard Boubat’s delightful hommage to Rousseau’s is sublime in its humour and rich mis-en-scene. Frantisek Dritikol’s monumental nude of a young man is unusual as most know Dritikol as an artist dedicated to the  female nude, whereas in fact, this male nude was his favourite picture and it remained hanging aove his desk until he died. And Josef Breitenbach’s surreal image of Dr.Riegler and J.Greno (Riegler was Breitenbach’s best friend) moves the boundaries and creates an exraordinary picture that stil draws many fans to its flame.