CORPS FORMELS:: with Galerie Miranda...

31 Oct 2019 - 4 Jan 2020

Corps formels:





Galerie Miranda and Michael Hoppen Gallery are delighted to present another photographic dialogue, this time between the formal black and white photographs of Lisa Fonssagrives by Fernand Fonssagrives and manipulated works by Noé Sendas: the former's sensual compositions from the 1950s contrasting beautifully with the sophisticated and witty scenarios of Sendas' most recent works.
Fernand Fonssagrives (1910 - 2003, France) Born in 1910 to a sculptor father and a musician mother, Fonssagrives was raised by them to do the things he most loved: science, art, sports, gymnastics and dance. He moved to America at the age of 18 to continue his studies of dance and returned to Europe at the age of 21 for military service. In 1935 he met the young Swedish dancer Lisa Bergstrom who would became his dance partner then his wife: Lisa Fonssagrives, who would later marry Irving Penn. Fernand Fonssagrives' most memorable work traces their unique partnership, captured in sublime black and white chiaroscuro nudes formalized by a geometric play of light and shadow, that created a precedent at the time, much imitated since. Galerie Miranda will present a selection of signed artist prints of key works from the 1950s, exhibited in Paris for the first time.
Noé Sendas (b. 1972, Belgium, lives and works in Berlin) began exhibiting his work in the late nineties. He resorts to different means of expression: video, sculpture, collage, drawing and photography. Explicit and implicit references to artists and literary, cinematic, or musical creations are part of his raw materials. Rooted in cinematic and literary references, his images depict phantom-like, partial figures whose heads and limbs appear to be invisible, or which have seemingly blended into furniture or walls. Drawing upon photographic modernism, abstraction and surrealism, his staged, partly erased human bodies directly and indirectly reference Dora Maar and Man Ray, John Baldessari and Guy Bourdin, Robert Gober and John Stezaker. For the first time in Paris, Galerie Miranda will present selected works from Noé Sendas' 2015 body of work "Wallpaper* Girl".


Exhibition address:

Galerie Miranda

21 rue du Château d’Eau

75010 Paris