Sohei Nishino | Mountain Line, Fuji, 2022: Online Exclusive

6 Apr - 31 May 2022

Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to present an exclusive online exhibition of Sohei Nishino's latest work Mountain Line, Fuji. 


During the Covid-19 pandemic, Sohei Nishino found himself looking out to Mount Fuji from his studio in Heda, Japan. Having not produced work in Japan for several years, he decided to take on the challenge of making a piece of work focusing on this iconic, dormant volcano so close to his home. In 2021, Sohei embarked on the journey to create a superlative piece of work on this iconic Japanese symbol. He spent some three months walking up and down the paths of Fuji, documenting the bustling activities of Buddhist priests, families and visitors who make the pilgrimage up to the summit year round. With Japan in isolated lockdown, Fuji took on a new role to comfort and inspire the people that came to climb its slopes.


As with all his collage work, Sohei then spent another three months in his studio assembling the 25,000 photographs into one giant piece, creating his own personal and contemporary vision of Mount Fuji. 


Talking about the creation of this work, Sohei has commented he felt Mount Fuji had " empty atmosphere and loneliness, but I feel that this became a milestone work that deepened my own personal expression whilst creating this Fuji map".