Winter Newsletter 19'

Artist news & a look ahead to next years' programme of art fairs & exhibitions

As we come to the end of 2019 and look back on a very busy year, it is clear that photography continues to provide an extraordinary view of the world. We are very fortunate to work with so many talented and wonderful artists who each entrust us with their work. Every one of our shows and events have been a pleasure to work on and we so appreciate all the support we have enjoyed from you, our clients and friends.


We are participating in three art fairs during the early part of 2020. First off, we will show at Art Genève at the end of January and we then return to ARCO in Madrid in late February. ARCO is one of the biggest art fairs in Europe, with a consistent focus on Latin America. We will show new work by Chilean artist Juana Gomez as well as early and important works by Kati Horna. We will also reveal Sohei Nishino’s long-awaited new piece based on Mount Everest. This monumental piece of work has been a year in the making and I was with Sohei last week in Japan helping him put the finishing touches on the print.


And then to New York in early April where we will exhibit at AIPAD. This long-established fair has recently been taken over by Paris-Photo and will now be known as Paris-Photo AIPAD NY. I anticipate major changes in the appearance of the fair and I was delighted to be invited to sit on the selection and advisory committee, and will be helping them develop a 21st century photography fair, better reflecting the changes and tastes that we see in photography today. In recent years AIPAD lacked some of the vigour that makes Paris-Photo the fair not to miss, and I predict that Paris-Photo AIPAD New York will once again become a key destination for photography lovers and collectors from around the world.


The focus of our gallery program for the first half of 2020 will be Japan as the world will turn its attention towards Tokyo for the Olympics in June. We will exhibit Sohei Nishino’s huge map of Everest alongside another new pair of his works, Ice Floes highlight the perilous state of the world’s climate and the effects of climate change on the ice-floes of the Northern Hemisphere. These new pieces of work are extraordinary in the way they appear, and we will be sending out more information about this show in the new year.


The following exhibition, entitled Okashi!, will occupy all three floors of Jubilee Place.  I have been working on this show for some years and have collected a cornucopia of all things Japanese. The exhibition will include rare photographs by Eikoh Hosoe from his series Ordeal by Roses, and Masahisa Fukase’s hand-coloured unique silver gelatin prints. It will also contain a select of rare and beautiful 19th and 20th century textiles that demonstrate the renowned weaving and dying of indigo kimonos and coats, and also, bright, highly-charged 1970’s theatre posters by the great Tadanori Yokoo. There will be lots of varied events going on at Jubilee Place during the show and we will keep you informed of all that is happening in the new year. Watch this space!


- Michael Hoppen


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