P.H. Emerson (1856–1936)

Gallery Exhbition - and Online
Dec 3, 2020
Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to announce our first exhibition of work by English photography pioneer

This display of original photogravures and vintage platinum prints has been organised in conjunction with renowned 19th century photography specialist Robert Hershkowitz.

At a time when so many of us are weighing up the value of urban living in favour of more rural existences, these images resonate with a longing for the English countryside and its traditional ways of life. We are exhibiting original photogravures from Emerson’s most famous series Marsh Leaves (1895), in addition to a selection of platinum prints from his first album Life and Landscape on the Norfolk Broads (1886).

P.H. Emerson is now open at Michael Hoppen Gallery and will run until Jaunuary 31st, 2021.