Eyes of an Island

Japanese Photography 1945 - 2007
Michael Hoppen Gallery
Publisher: Guiding Light
Dimensions: 26.7 x 23.5 x 1.3 cm
This brief overview of some of Japan’s Leading photographers during the last 50 years shows that it is not possible to point to a single style of Japanese photography. Photographic approaches have varied widely, from Hamaya’s post-war humanist studies to Moriyama’s experiments with photography to convey the impact of personal experience. What binds them is their common engagement with the question of a Japanese identity in the tumultuous years since the end of World War II. In their search to answer, or even to reframe this dilemma, photographers have in turn questioned the role of their art and consistently pushed the medium to new ground. Their foresight, their spirit and their engagement have left us with a compelling insight into what has gone before. 
A photographer looks at everything, which is why he must look from beginning to end. Face the subject head-on, stare fixedly, turn the entire body into an eye and face the world.


Shomei Tomatsu 
Eyes of an Island: Japanese Photography 1945 - 2007
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