Thomas Mailaender

Thomas Mailaender (born 1979) is a French multimedia artist living and working between Paris and Marseille. Known for his use of a wide range of techniques including ceramic, photography, collage and installation, he employs diverse materials, often re-appropriating images from the internet or his own huge archive. One of Mailaender's attributes is his ingenuity and ability to conceive curious and creative exhibitions using everyday materials and his curated shows teem with humour and originality.


Thomas, along with Eric Kessels, curated Photo Pleasure Palace, an exhibition in conjunction with Unseen Photography fair in Amsterdam. Both artists are compulsive collectors of photographs and keen observers of sociological patters. Additionally, they both take the absurd and ridiculous very very seriously. Kessels and Mailaender welcome you to their weird-and-wonderland, a place where pleasure is guaranteed and photos are in imminent danger.