Paris Photo: BOOTH C10

12 - 15 Nov 2015
  • Was this Japanese photographer the ultimate selfie master?

    Was this Japanese photographer the ultimate selfie master?

    Ashleigh Kane, Dazed magazine November 13, 2015

    Half-submerged in his bathtub, Masahisa Fukase channelled heartbreak into this poignant series of self-portraits.


    On the surface, Masahisa Fukase's Bukubuku might feel like a humorous – albeit dark – take on the self portrait. Playing around in the bathtub, even the book’s title is an homage to the noise of blowing bubbles. However, delving deeper into his biography, the black and white images of the Japanese photographer, taken in 1991, alone and submerged in his bathtub are symbolic of the isolation and loneliness he felt at the time. Once a primary focus of his work, his marriage to second wife Yōko Wanibe – which he previously reflected on in his seminal work Karasu (translating to Ravens) – had broken down, his father had passed away and his business had failed.


    "he saw this very much as a performance piece of work and was shaped by Fukase as an introspective and mournful soliloquy to his ex-wife Yoko, just after he learnt that she had gotten remarried.” - Michael Hoppen

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  • At Paris Photo, a Wide-Ranging Mix

    At Paris Photo, a Wide-Ranging Mix

    HATTIE CRISELL, NYT Magazine November 12, 2015

    Never before exhibited outside of Japan, the postwar photographer’s bathtub self-portraits were taken over a two-month period in 1991 and published in his last-ever photobook. Bukubuku translates as “bubbling”; the images show Fukase in muddy black and white, half- or entirely submerged in water, playing with reflections and refractions of light. They’re by turns witty, melancholy and ominous; the series is photographic performance art at its most intimate. (It will also be shown at the Tate Modern in 2016.)

  • 9 Things to do at this years Paris Photo

    9 Things to do at this years Paris Photo

    TIME, Lightbox November 11, 2015
    1. Photobooks galore inside the fair and out


    Photographers including Shaw, Jason Larkin, members of Magnum Photos, and Matt Henry and Eamonn Doyle at the Michael Hoppen Gallerystand will be on hand to sign books. Also look out for Book Machine, a new initiative on-site at Paris Photo that invites designers and photographers to join forces to bring photobook projects to life.

  • Spitting Images - PUNK, Paris Photo

    Spitting Images - PUNK, Paris Photo

    The Guardian November 11, 2015

    Ray Stevenson was roped in by his brother to snap the Sex Pistols as a favour. He went on to take pictures of all the leading lights in punk’s fizzing music and fashion scene, including Vivienne Westwood, Johnny Rotten, the Clash, Siouxsie Sioux and Jordan


    On show at the Michael Hoppen gallery during Paris Photo, from 12 to 15 November

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