SAMMY SLABBINCK: Surreality Check

1 - 22 Dec 2017

Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to announce Surreality Check, Sammy Slabbinck’s second exhibition of collage works at the gallery.

Sammy Slabbinck (born 1977, Belgium) creates dynamic surrealist contemporary collages from vintage photographs. Found images are decontextualized and re-appropriated as Slabbinck plays with scale and juxtaposition. Using humour as a visual tool he choreographs compositions, meditating on the past while revealing the absurdity of popular culture. Witty, at times dark, and often visually psychedelic, the simplicity of his compositions belies the complexity of the work.


Slabbinck’s collages are often published as illustrations and have been featured in The New Yorker, The Telegraph and Der Spiegel. He has also made the artwork for many album covers, among which is You Want it Darker by Leonard Cohen.