PAD 2014: Art Fair

16 - 19 Oct 2014
  • Michael Hoppen Gallery - Rare photography

    Michael Hoppen Gallery - Rare photography

    Harper's Bazaar

    Hoppen, the London photography gallerist, always has a good story to tell. Among them is one about a dinner he unexpectedly shared with the great syrabite Hunter S Thompson in Aspen. 'He pulled out a gun and shot out a couple of lightbulbs; he didn't disappoint,' says Hoppen.

    Although years ago, the encounter eventually led to Hoppen staging a show of Thompson's own photography - personal pictures of home and family - a year after the writer's death in 2005. 'We had 300 to 400 visitors a day', recalls Hoppen. The show was a sell-out, but now one of the prints has come back to him: a sunset-soaked image of Thompson's wife and beloved Doberman, taken in Big Sur in 1961. 'It's an incredible picture,' says Hoppen. 'You can feel the smells, the sounds; it's so nostalgic and complete.' Although not yet priced, it will probably sell in the region of £50,000.

  • Out of Sight

    Out of Sight

    Alex Dymoke, City A.M.

    The horizon, where land and sky conspire to concel the unknown, has long been a fixation for photographers. On the one hand it connotes distance, expansiveness, the epic curvature of the earth. On the other, it's a symbol of the limitation of human perspective - a locking of the infinite. At next month's PAD art and design fair, leading photography gallerist Michael Hoppen will exhibit a range of photographs of the horizon, from a rare, early twentieth century album depicting an Alaskan town with all its period oddities, to mountaineer Bradford Washburn's dramatic photographs of the Alaskan peaks. The centrepeice, though, is a rare and much sought after print by Hunter S Thompson. It shows Thompson's wife Sandy and their dog Agar on a cliff-top in Big Sur, Caliornia, in 1961. The enigmatic photograph offers an intimate glimpse of one of the twentieth century's great characters.