A display of works : by Albarrán Cabrera - ONLINE VIEWING ROOM

16 Jun - 30 Jul 2021

The Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to present an online viewing room of works by Albarrán Cabrera, having recently announced that we will now be representing these artists in the UK.


Photographers Anna Cabrera (b. 1969, Sevilla) and Angel Albarrán (b. 1969, Barcelona) formed their creative partnership in 1996. This fruitful and enduring collaboration is founded on a shared fascination with photographic printmaking, and the diverse range of processes and materials which this subject encompasses.


Like the early pioneers of photography, for whom innovating the means of production for each print was not a choice but a prerequisite, Albarrán Cabrera see each work as an opportunity to explore new materials, chemicals, and print techniques. Over the last two decades, their practise has grown to incorporate methods as varied as platinum, palladium, cyanotype and gelatin silver printing, as well toning with selenium, sepia and tea.


The works in our display have been created using their proprietary technique, in which pigment prints are created on hand-made gampi paper and embellished with gold leaf to echo the luminosity and lustre of traditional Japanese silk painting. Each work carries a subtly unique patina, which heightens their interest and individual appeal in a world where digital printing has become so ubiquitous.