Japanese Photography: The Birth of a Market

Michael Hoppen talks to Blouin Art Info
Dec 16, 2015

Western collectors’ newfound curiosity about the Provoke artists follows a concerted campaign by a handful of players that demonstrates both how changing tastes alter markets, and how markets can change tastes. 


While both vintage and new prints now claim prices undreamed of by the photographers 15 years ago, they remain relatively affordable. “We are seeing a unique window in which you can buy masterworks for under $10,000 to $20,000,” says London photo dealer Michael Hoppen, whose gallery deals with many of the photographers or their estates, including Fukase, Kawada, and Miyako Ishiuchi. “If you were to look at masterworks by American or European photographers - even late prints by OK photographers - they are going for much more than that.” 


Japanese photography is "getting louder and louder" and we represent many of the most influential photographers and their estates. Enquire today.


[article written by Noelle Bodick]