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  • artgenève 2023

    Michael Hoppen's Highlights Jan 23, 2023
    Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to return to Art Genève this year where we will showcase works by Sarah Moon, Richard Learoyd, Ori Gersht, Fergus Greer, and Tiina Itkonen amongst others.
    In conjunction with the opening of the ground-breaking exhibition Chrysalis: The Butterfly Dream at the Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève, we will exhibit a selection of Fergus Greer's portraits of the inimitable Leigh Bowery. Shot between 1988 and 1994, Greer's photographs capture the iconic artist and designer wearing some of his most extraordinary creations, complete with distinctive exaggerated make-up and overdrawn lips. A group of Bowery's costumes as well as Greer's photographs will be on view at the CAC Genève from 25 January.
    The gallery will also present exquisite prints by two great masters of fashion photography, Sarah Moon and Deborah Turbeville and we are pleased to unveil new works by Ori Gersht from his most recent series Fields & Visions which see the artist return to the botanical themes that have occupied him for so much of the last decade.
    The gallery will also exhibit a selection of photographs by Finnish photographer Tiina Itkonen from her ongoing study of Greenland, its inhabitants and ever-changing natural landscape. Photographing this region for nearly twenty years, Itkonen's works act as a powerful and striking reminder for climate protection...
  • Paris Photo 2022

    Michael Hoppen's Highlights Nov 1, 2022

    Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to share a preview of our Paris Photo presentation. The fair opens at the Grand Palais Éphémère in the grounds of the Champ-de-Mars on Wednesday 9th November [preview day] and runs from Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th November. You will find us at stand D27.

    For this year's edition of Paris Photo, we have curated an exhibition of exquisite, unique works. The term 'unique' has become ubiquitous, but we use it here in its true sense, meaning 'one of kind'. The advent of digital photography has seen a shift away from traditional photographic processes and print-making. We are thrilled to present a group of unique objects, including hand-coloured silver gelatin prints, polaroids, and photo-collages by some of the most significant masters of the twentieth century.

    A wall of the booth will be dedicated to a group of photographs by the contemporary Danish photographer Krass Clement, from his series Drum, which takes its name from the eponymous Irish village where all the photographs were shot over the course of one evening in a small pub in 1991.


    Clement's beautiful, richly toned silver gelatin prints will be juxtaposed by the works of Ukrainian photographer and former rocket engineer, Boris Savelev. His works of elegant observational realism are focussed on light and form - a constructivist aesthetic that Savelev credits to his 'methodical, scientific background'. These views of the artist's hometown, Czernowitz in Ukraine, dating back to the 1980s, feel particularly poignant now.

    We very much hope to see you in Paris, and in the meantime, you can explore our full presentation by clicking the preview button below.

  • New Photographer Representation | Krass Clement

    Oct 25, 2022
    Michael Hoppen Gallery is proud to announce representation of Danish photographer, Krass Clement (b. 1946). Clement graduated as a film director in 1973 but soon turned to still photography, publishing his first photo-book Skygger af øjeblikke (Shadows of the Moment) in 1978. He has since become an active documentary photographer, focusing on people from both Denmark and abroad. Starting out in black and white, Krass has persisted in developing and modernising his artistic expression so that his practise today also includes work in colour.

    Clement's work originates from a fertile and imaginative thought process, a stream of consciousness that is clearly evident in his later photo-books. It emerges from two traditions: The Scandinavian Melancholy and the 'flaneur' tradition from the Parisian school. His work is more concerned with capturing a state of mind than with situations, and the photographs are less documentary depictions than subjective moods; somewhere between spectator and reality.

    Krass Clement's Drum (1991), photographed in an Irish pub on a single evening with only three and a half rolls of film, is now considered one of the most important contributions to the contemporary Danish photobook. Michael Hoppen Gallery is privileged to offer signed vintage prints from Drum, Af en bys breve. Fotografier fra Lissabon (Letters from the City of Lisbon), and other works.
  • Frieze Masters 2022

    Michael Hoppen's Highlights Oct 10, 2022

    We are absolutely delighted to be exhibiting key works by members of the iconic generation of Japanese photographers who rose to prominence during the post-war period, at Frieze Masters 2022. 


    The majority of works in our selection were acquired directly from the artist's studio or estate, reflecting the direct and in many cases exclusive representation that we have cultivated over the course of more than two decades of commitment to Japanese photography. 

    These pioneering artists defined themselves in opposition to the schools of Pictorialism and Documentary photography that had prevailed in the first half of the 20th century. The fruits of this generation’s efforts to innovate new modes of expression, rejecting ideology in favour of a fresh subjectivity and questioning the nature of photographic truth itself, are now lauded as heralding Japan’s ‘Golden Age of Photography’, and this work has become a focal point for scholars and collectors alike.
  • William Klein Obituary

    The Guardian Sep 12, 2022

    American photographer William Klein, who made his mark with imagery of fashion and urban life, has died in Paris aged 96, his son Pierre Klein said in a statement Monday. Klein, whose striking depictions of the restlessness and violence of city life helped revolutionize photography, died “peacefully” on Saturday, the statement said. Celebrated as one of the 20th century’s most influential artists, Klein also worked in film and fashion.

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