Angelika Krinzinger

Austrian artist, Angelika Krinzinger explores the human body through abstract studies of the geography of the skin.  Her analytical and poetic observations highlight ‘universal’ physical elements through particular details that also constitute our ‘individual’ characteristics.  


In Fragments of Reality 2002, Krinzinger’s portraits, Untitled (Eyenipples), consist of three “modules” showing the eye, lip and nipple of a particular man or woman, arranged vertically, one beneath the other. These disrupted portraits achieve a new intriguing, even erotic form, disturbing in its contradiction to traditional beauty. Krinzinger works are evocative of the manifestations of a systematic science-oriented photography from the 19th century, working with the technique of fragmentation within a picture, popular since the Surrealist movement.  However, the result is not a scientific one, and reveals instead a poetic intention to provoke the fantasy of the beholder.


Krinzinger reveals for us a very intimate side of her models’ ‘individuality’ whilst at the same time allowing them to remain mysterious. Her mapping and revisualisation of the body contributes interestingly to contemporary discourses surrounding sexuality and the gaze.